Trails are OPEN. Ride safely.

JULY 15, 2017 9:00am: This course is for Oswego County ATV members and their family at no cost to members, call Wayne at 315-569-2702 or e-mail at to schedule by June 30, 2017. There is 3 age groups, so size of classes are limited, The age group filled first will we be taught first. Age groups are as follows, 6-11, 12-15 & 16 & older. Atv's used must be age appropriate for the child or adult, no exceptions. Direction's will be given at sign up

Landowners Certificate of Liability Insurance : OCATV Club is now with a new Insurance carrier, and the company is in the process of mailing out individual certificates to everyone once they have everything entered into their system. At this time every landowner is covered, and this copy can be used until yours is received.
View the Landowner Insurance Certificate

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**Applicants MUST complete all information on the membership application. Incomplete applications will not receive a club membership, and will only be returned if possible.

Latest trail and work detail information
LATEST: Orwell Trail is now closed for Archery season from Stone Quarry Rd to Co.Rt.2 Orwell. Barclay Trail closes 9/24 for Archery season. The RR Bed from South Albion Rd to Freedom Trail remains closed due to the washed out bridge, going to be fixed after season. Yamaha Trail still closed. ALL TRAILS CLOSE SEPT. 30th at 10pm for 2017.

Oswego County ATV Club - Altmar, New York

Welcome to the internet home of the Oswego County ATV Club. We are a club of individuals dedicated to giving its members a good, legal place to ride in Upstate New York.


[09-23-2017Landowners Dinner
Kasoag Lake Park. Landowners, workers, and also open to the public (For a fee)

The over 100 miles of trails consist of mainly low effort, family oriented trails. There are some mud bog areas, woods, fields, railroad beds, bridges and small hills to climb. There are picnic spots with tables and shelter. All of the trails are environmentally friendly and we take great measures to ensure they stay that way.

We welcome ATVs and utility machines. Our club is family oriented, and our riders ride safely and respectfully.

The membership cost is listed on the membership form. A membership runs for the calenday year and trails are open from April 15th through September 30th, conditions permitting.


The By-Laws.

Club Maps

Maps are available at the Altmar Hotel or the Altmar Union Station store in Altmar. Club members can buy fuel, park and off-loading right at the store.

The other location to find our maps is thru our membership person, Becky Hilton. She is at every function and brings plenty of maps with her. Sorry, we do not mail maps.

Club Rules
Our trails are designed for riding on, not racing on. No excessive speed and stickers must be on the front driver’s side of the machine.

Stay on trails means, stay on trails or stay home. Do not bypass our bridges and stream crossings by going up and down streams or mud holes.

Do not go around wet holes and make them bigger, it causes more work and expense. If you do not want your machine to get muddy then it is best to keep it in the garage.

You must try to make work details or work at fund raisers such as Rodeo, Trade Show, Pig Roast etc.

You will be responsible for at least one club raffle ticket a year, maybe two. Buy them or sell them.

It is your duty as a Club Member to report any other rider that is not obeying the Club rules and State laws.

It is your duty to help keep our trails clean and safe. If you see debris on our trail, such as cans, bottles, cig. packs, etc., pick them up. Report any unsafe conditions to the Board or line officers, such as Beaver Dams, Flooding, Wash Outs, Fallen Trees, etc.

Those that do not go by the rules will be brought in front of the Board. Depending upon the seriousness or the amount of violations, you may be barred from the club.

Loud, tuned or modified exhaust will not be allowed in residential areas such as, Public roads, churches, villages and private homes and camps. State law requires a maximum level of 82 decibels.

It is your choice. Go by the rules or don’t go!